The Science of Sustainability

Tracking Raindrops

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We all rely on the water cycle, but how does it actually work? Scientists at UC Berkeley are embarking on a new project to understand how global warming is affecting our fresh water supply. And they're doing it by tracking individual raindrops in Mendocino and north of Lake Tahoe.

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Amy Miller is the Supervising Producer and Partner at Spine Films, a boutique independent production company specializing in hard science factual television. Prior to joining the Spine team, Amy worked for six years at KQED (PBS) in San Francisco as the Series Producer of QUEST, a multimedia science and environment series. It was at KQED that she was finally able to merge her lifelong passions for science and storytelling. Originally from Iowa, Amy grew up in Colorado then landed in San Francisco in 1991. She studied biology and film production at University of Colorado and San Francisco State University, and since graduating in 1995, she has worked as a camera assistant, documentary filmmaker, TV producer and correspondent on a variety of cable and public television shows including two other KQED series, "Spark" and "Independent View". For her work in television, she has earned ten regional Emmy awards, two AAAS Kavli Science Journalism awards, and a Society of Professional Journalists Excellence in Journalism Feature Writing award.
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    you had a small plant and you wanted to know how much water it released
    each day by transpiration how could you do it? Suggest a method for
    measuring the amount of water the plant transpires.

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      Get a small plant, put it in a glass jar with soil in it. Then you get a small lid of water and refill it everyday, leave it in the sun all day too. This works and mine grew so big I had to take the plant out of the jar! You can also tape a plastic bag around ipot plants, use a lid with water too and you'll see drops of water inside it too.

  • Steve Dixon

    i Love it when plants poop!!!!! it makes me high XD