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Wastewater Woes: Sewage Spills in SF Bay

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What happens when you flush the toilet? For most of us, what's out of sight is out of mind. But large numbers of sewage spills into San Francisco Bay are forcing cities, water agencies and the public to take a closer look at wastewater and its impacts on the health of the bay. QUEST investigates the causes of the spills and what's being done to prevent them.

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Amy Miller is the Supervising Producer and Partner at Spine Films, a boutique independent production company specializing in hard science factual television. Prior to joining the Spine team, Amy worked for six years at KQED (PBS) in San Francisco as the Series Producer of QUEST, a multimedia science and environment series. It was at KQED that she was finally able to merge her lifelong passions for science and storytelling. Originally from Iowa, Amy grew up in Colorado then landed in San Francisco in 1991. She studied biology and film production at University of Colorado and San Francisco State University, and since graduating in 1995, she has worked as a camera assistant, documentary filmmaker, TV producer and correspondent on a variety of cable and public television shows including two other KQED series, "Spark" and "Independent View". For her work in television, she has earned ten regional Emmy awards, two AAAS Kavli Science Journalism awards, and a Society of Professional Journalists Excellence in Journalism Feature Writing award.
  • Captain,Gary Moscato Sr.

    I have lived and worked and still do,in san francisco bay,operated bay sample boats and fisheries some 40 yrs water treatementgrade#4,own and operate own sports fishing vessel,40 yrs associated departement diablo valley college under Dr. Bill Stephson,Oveanography dept.hydraulics degree/top military seacret clearence.I know mercury sources,and studied same,on mt loma prieta area.Graduate maretime academy master 1oo ton.if you think you could use an old fart from the california delta.Also tought water chemestry/sewage /domestic water,Happytrails all there,If you would like to use the Carilyn"M"Fore reaserch use my "E"mailCapn Gary Moscato Sr.Any questions on the delta "Please call"capn,,out..

  • Amy Miller

    Hello Captain Moscato,
    Thank you for introducing yourself. We'll make note of your background. You may also want to join KQED's Public Insight Network so that we have your information on record in the event we need to draw on your expertise:

    Amy Miller
    QUEST TV Series Producer

  • Robert Clegg

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