The Science of Sustainability

Are you interested in integrating media making into your classroom or science education program? Making science-based media, such as videos, narrated slideshows and online maps, can be an engaging way for students to demonstrate knowledge and build critical thinking skills. Find instructions, worksheets and rubrics for implementing media-making projects with students.


Choosing Content, Media and Equipment

pdf Choosing Content (including worksheet) ( pdf ) What makes a quality piece of science media?  Choosing Content (blank worksheet only) on Google Docs
pdf Choosing Your Media Format ( pdf ) What type of media format is best suited to tell your story? pdf Choosing Equipment ( pdf ) How do you decide on equipment to purchase and/or use?

Resources for Video and Slideshows

pdf Media-Making Resources - Video ( pdf ) Tips and resources for creating short videos. pdf Media-Making Resources - Slideshows ( pdf ) Tips and resources for creating captioned and audio slideshows (a.k.a. "digital stories"). pdf Interview Techniques ( pdf ) How do you get the most out of your interview?  Interview Worksheet on Google Docs (blank worksheet only)
pdf Writing a Script ( pdf ) Sample QUEST script and script template for slideshow and video projects.  Script Template on Google Docs
pdf Storyboard Template ( pdf ) Storyboard template for planning slideshow and video projects. pdf Media Planning Worksheet ( pdf ) Plan ahead for a smooth media-making process.  Media Planning Worksheet on Google Docs
 Rubric for Video and Slideshows on Google Docs Sample rubric for slideshow and video projects.

Resources for Maps

pdf Media Making Resources - Maps ( pdf ) Tips and resources for creating media-rich maps. pdf Map Planning Worksheet ( pdf ) Plan ahead for a smooth map-making process.  Map Planning Worksheet on Google Docs
pdf Media Log for Maps ( pdf ) Keep track of the media you embed in your map projects.  Media Log for Maps on Google Docs
pdf Rubric for Maps ( pdf ) Sample rubric for map projects.  Rubric for Maps on Google Docs

General Resources

 Multimedia Project Implementation Plan on Google Docs Worksheet to assist you in planning your project.
pdf Media Copyright ( pdf ) Things to keep in mind regarding copyright. pdf Publishing Media ( pdf ) Sharing and publishing your media creations. pdf Glossary ( pdf )