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Thibault Worth

Thibault got his start in public radio hosting Morning Edition for member station WFDD in Winston-Salem. Sleep-deprived and eager to learn a new language, he left the North Carolina Piedmont for Taiwan in 2007 where he spent several years reporting on cross-Strait issues for NPR, the Financial Times, and Billboard Magazine. He also repeated low-intermediate Mandarin classes more times than he’d care to admit. After a few years in Asia, Thibault headed to France, where (fortunately) he already spoke the local language. He worked for the international broadcaster France24 as an expert guest and multimedia producer. Now happily married, Thibault is glad to find himself reporting for QUEST and Climate Watch, where he is finally putting his biology degree from Brown University to good use.

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Millipede Mystery: A New Fluorescent Subspecies on Alcatraz?

Millipede Mystery: A New Fluorescent Subspecies on Alcatraz?

During a routine February survey on Alcatraz Island, surveyors found no sign no rats. Instead, they discovered a colony of millipedes glowing with an intense white light.

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