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Hannah Whitehead

Hannah Whitehead is a research assistant for the Agroecosystem Management Program at the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center. She studied social and environmental history at the University of Chicago, where she conducted research on urban agriculture. Since then, she’s worked on a number of innovative and inspiring farms in far more remote locales – from the Alps in western France to the southern tip of the continental divide in New Mexico. Along the way she spent time working for a ghost-writing company, helping to craft family histories and executive memoirs. A Cleveland native, she is now happily discovering the agrarian side of her own home state in Wooster, Ohio.

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Canola, Flax, and Sunflower: The Hidden Power of Oilseeds

Canola, Flax, and Sunflower: The Hidden Power of Oilseeds

Much more than just an alternative to cooking with butter and animal fats, oilseeds hold the promise of additional benefits to our health, economy, and environment.

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